Come And Take It – Natural Gas Stoves – Biden Proposed ban on Natural Gas Stoves

January 15, 2023
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President Joe Biden has recently proposed banning the use of natural gas stoves in new construction as part of his plan to combat climate change and transition to cleaner forms of energy. This move is aimed at reducing the country’s carbon footprint and decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels.

Natural Gas, a fossil fuel that burns cleaner than the coal used to produce electricity for the proposed “New Option” is under attack.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is composed mainly of methane. It is a clean-burning fuel that has become increasingly popular in recent years as a source of energy for heating homes and powering vehicles.

One of the main advantages of natural gas is that it is a much cleaner fuel than coal or oil. When burned, it produces significantly less carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants than these other fossil fuels. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option for power generation and transportation.

How does this make you feel? Many feel like our picture below.

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