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Downstream generated $613 billion of operating cash flow between 2021 and 2023. Yet CAPEX & OPEX are normalizing at new lows, and inflation, supply chain issues and workforce shortages are further hindering ROI. Despite the return of positive cashflow, winning budget and delivering reliable value creation is proving to be more challenging than ever before.

To secure the budget that remains and produce reliable value creation, downstream decision makers must:

· Prioritize the most competitive work that also delivers on decarbonization goals.

· Master the art of predictable cost control to ensure reliable ROI.

· Become highly effective in data driven decision making to maximize asset utilization.

· Meet the workforce crisis head to resource the needs of today’s downstream industry.

The Reuters Events: Downstream USA 2024 conference will bring together 500+ executives from major downstream producers and EPCs to strategize identify, discuss and overcome roadblocks to competitive work prioritization, predictable cost control, effective data driven decision making and decarbonization readiness.

In our action-packed exhibition 3,500+ budget gatekeepers from across reliability, maintenance, turnarounds, capital projects, digitalization and decarbonization will explore 160 booths, expo tours, product demos, workforce development opportunities and much more! Attend FOR FREE to meet the innovators behind the latest solutions, tools, equipment and components to meet all your procurement needs and deadlines in 2024 and beyond.


Delivering Downstream Decarbonization

– Recognized industry leaders share exclusive, executive-level insights on how downstream can take next steps toward future sustainability.

– Understand the key questions still to be answered regarding the practicalities of downstream decarbonization and their ongoing impacts to decision making and portfolio management.

– Gain exclusive updates on steps already taken towards decarbonization such as chemical recycling, hydrogen and operational efficiencies, and the value these have create to portfolio bottom lines and shareholders.

The Data Behind Every Drop

– Hear from digital, data and IT leaders on how they are harnessing data chaos to transform downstream’ s bottom line.

– Understand how downstream leadership teams are upgrading digital infrastructure and increasing connectivity to better improve data accuracy and drive data driven decision making.

– Explore the next generation of intelligence to overcome workforce shortages and improve real-time decision-making driving agile decisions and cutting overall costs.

Do You Believe in Magic? Making AI/ML Work for Downstream

– Hear from the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) leaders designing, developing and deploying innovative smart tools to analyse and improve decision-making processes and boost business performance.

– Gain a clear understanding of the current limitations and areas of improvement required to unlock the full potential of AI and ML for value creation and cutting costs.

– Walk away with realistic expectations of how and where these pioneering technologies could be adopted today and prepare for further adoption tomorrow.

EXCLUSIVE: Solomon Benchmark Results Update

– Gain an exclusive update from Solomon Associates on the most recent downstream benchmarking results.

– Determine your competitive position in industry to provide the momentum that takes you from business as usual to business as it should be.

– Make informed decisions and support your strategies with empirical data and insight from experts that understand your business.


The Next Frontier: Intelligence Driven Maintenance Driving ROI

– Utilize cutting-edge AI and ML applications to feed PdM programs, predict failures and increase asset health visibility.

– Analyse historical data alongside real-time information to predict outcomes and drive maintenance excellence.

– Model and quantify the risk of equipment breakdowns to make data-driven decisions and improve asset reliability.

APM – Be Reliable by Design

– Understand the critical importance of a three-pillar approach to an effective asset performance management strategy – people, process, and technology – to ensure optimized asset utilization.

– Create an innovative culture dedicated to reliability, equipping people with the right tools and technology to successfully execute a balanced and reliable maintenance strategy.

– Recognize the benefits of an effective APM strategy combining RCM (reliability centered maintenance) and condition-based monitoring data with advanced analytics to support decision making.

Asset Integrity & Compliance Creating Competitive Advantages

– Get exclusive tips on how to increase smart working to deliver safety-critical maintenance needs and strategic objectives across safety, reliability, and sustainability.

– Learn how to evaluate real-time data analysis to enable enhanced production processes, minimize waste, and improve product quality.

– Get lessons learned from those mastering the art of addressing challenges through digital technologies such as Digital Twin and IoT, powered by the effective and smart contextualization of integrity data.

Building Balanced Maintenance Programs Maximising Asset Utilization

– Learn about the effective project prioritization strategies successfully balancing long-term reliability cost reductions with short-term profitability gains.

– Enhance Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) best practice to ensure time and resources are spent where they are needed the most.

– Understand and overcome the key challenges resulting from an overly risk-averse nature to clearly define and prioritize work and save on unnecessary maintenance spend.

– Analyse the impacts of routine planning and scheduling when assessing repair vs. replace to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime and maximise asset utilization.

Digital Advancements in Inspections Practices

– Utilize innovative technologies to optimize RBI activities, employing data analysis to plan accurate work orders that improve reliability.

– Examine how the use of drones, 3D mapping, and robotic installations have reduced costs whilst returning reliable data, providing the physical tools to better understand asset health.

– Improve accuracy and precision of asset degradation modelling to improve results and recommendations output for reliability management and performance optimization of RBI programs.

Process Automation for Reliability Improvements

– Expand the use of state-based control to increase reliability and improve asset utilization.

– Capture process automation best practices to continuously improve process design and maintenance activities.

– Automate operating parameters to improve maintenance strategies, optimizing operating conditions for equipment in continuous manufacturing environments to see the benefits in reliability.