2023 Downstream Oil and Gas Events

Register Now for the 2023 Annual Conference and CTI Expo Jan 29-Feb 2, 2023 – Memphis, TN

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EnRud Leaders in LDAR and Method 21 Services

SAVE THE DATE: 2023 Annual Conference and CTI Expo

Jan 29-Feb 2, 2023

The Peabody Memphis

Memphis, TN

Registration for the 2023 CTI Annual Conference is available now, and so is a look at the program in the Annual Conference Newsletter available in the Resources tab above. Register today and take advantage of our early bird pricing!

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2023 Oil and Gas Events Memphis

2023 Downstream Industrial Manufacturing Events in Oil and Gas

2023 Oil and Gas Conference

2023 Downstream Calendar Events

About Our Media Sponsor:

EnRud LDAR Leak Detection and Repair EPA Compliance

Leaders In:

  • Compliance Stack Testing/Engine Testing/Source Emissions Testing
  • Engineering Studies
  • LDAR Method 21 Programs Service
  • OGI (LDAR) Programs: OOOOa, State Rules, AWP (as of now 60.18, though Appendix K SOP’s & programs will be coming from Revised OOOOa, OOOOb and the state programs through EG OOOOc)
  • LDAR Audits for state and mostly Refinery Consent Decree Requirements
  • LDAR expert witness capabilities (working on a couple cases currently)
  • GHG studies (Subpart W, paragraph’s (o), (p) & (q) or more commonly referred to as GHG Compressor venting emissions & OGI survey)
  • Provide industry the Cooling Tower apparatus to be used for the state & federal heat exchanger rules (TAC 115 Subchapter H, Division 2 & 40 CFR 63 Subpart CC and other MACT rules as the RTR is performed)
  • Turn-key Benzene Fence Line programs
  • Marine Vessel Venting or fugitive emissions programs
  • Special studies to characterize emissions from leaking equipment (use Hi flow sampler for TVOC & sometimes combined with a TO-14 sample for speciation.
  • Aerial Drone Inspections for VOC and Methane (Gimbal contains OGI camera for VOC’s, TDLAS “Methane Laser” & of course a Canon/Nikon)

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