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Taking the Next Steps Towards Intelligence-Driven

• Utilize leading-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications to feed PdM programs, predict failures and increase asset health visibility.

• Analyze historical data alongside real-time information to predict outcomes and drive maintenance excellence.

• Model and quantify the risk of equipment breakdowns to make data-driven decisions and improve asset reliability.

Designed to Last – The Foundations of a Resilient Reliability Program

• Develop a robust yet flexible strategy that delivers continuous improvement against key reliability targets and aligns with the goals of the organization.

• Create an innovative culture which strives to empower engineers with the right tools and technology that improve their safety, capabilities, and efficiency.

• Learn the concepts to create a dedicated reliability program focused on reducing failures and sustained mechanical integrity, ultimately extending the life and productivity of the asset.

Empower Your Engineers & Your Asset with Augmented Reality

• Discover how AR is being adopted across Downstream so that complex machinery maintenance can be performed faster and increase downtime.

• Address the knowledge gap by empowering engineers with the ability to be guided through maintenance, meaning more consistent results & less reliance on skilled technicians.

• Explore how when paired with historical data sets, AR can be a critical tool in the success of a PdM strategy.

APM’s 4-pillar Approach

• Evaluate the integral role of the four pillars of an effective APM strategy – people, process, technology, and data

• Discover the value and merit for IoT, AI, ML and VR technologies, where to start with implementation and making the right decisions to suit asset needs and readiness

• Build connected assets with enhanced sensorization to maximize incoming data and build on predictive capabilities to improve failure warning detection

Modernizing the Traditional – Technology with Immediate ROI Impact

• Digitally transform & empower maintenance practices with wearables, mobile tablets, and GPS devices, enhancing safety, collaboration, and overall maintenance productivity.

• Ensure the organization is set up for success by exploring the technology infrastructure required to implement a digitized maintenance program and install predictive technologies alongside existing maintenance management systems.

• Get the technology to work as advertised by overcoming lingering connectivity issues and ensuring effectiveness from the start of the digital maintenance program.

Technology plays an important role in helping downstream deliver affordable, reliable product that fuels human progress and economic growth around the world. Now more than ever, we need to explore and understand what and how the industry can harness the power innovation to drive us forward to the next chapter.

Drones & Robotics

• Strengthen workforce safety, using drones in confined space entry, hazardous environments and to conduct flare inspections, identifying benefits for maintenance work programs

• Learn how drones hold the key to improvements in leak detection, collecting and managing information in the field to fuel data-driven decision making and safety improvements

• Examine how the use of drones, 3D mapping, and robotic installations have reduced costs whilst returning reliable data, providing the physical tool kit to enhance asset visibility


How to Develop a Lean Approach to Scope Development

• The increasing frequency of mega TARs has forced scope development optimization to become even more critical – explore best practices around when scope must be frozen and how to enforce rigid timelines to decrease costly discovery work.

• Rethink how we organize scope challenge meetings – develop earlier a clear and concise structure upon which all scope items are decided and understand the benefits this brings to budget and timelines of execution.

A Fresh Look at the Importance of Criteria Setting to Successful Project Integration:

• Learn how to structure TAR and projects meetings to ensure all work being conducted works towards the goals of the Turnaround event.

• Walk away with effective techniques for firm objective setting which creates an aligned set of objectives to allow a project to come into the TAR.

Assessing the Benefits of Decoupling Large TARS Into Smaller TARS With Shorter Intervals to Combat Labor Constraints

• Take a fresh look at Turnaround size and efficiency metrics to assess whether frequent and small or irregular and large TAR’s have a better effect on productivity.

• Walk away with practical information and real-life examples of how short frequent TARs vs Mega TARs effect your ability to procure the necessary workforce to execute your TAR event.

How to Ensure Aligned Objectives in the Era of Mega Turnaround/Capital Project Integration

• The key to successful project integration is starting early – understand how shifting the timelines of when your Turnaround stats and ends can aid with early alignment with project teams.

• Take a fresh look at how TAR and project teams are working together to ensure success of ‘mega turnarounds’

• Understand how to create a unified approach between site teams to increase turnaround efficiency and productivity.

Importance of Alignment to Productivity – EPC Lite Approach: Bringing in One Team for Construction & TAR Work

• Learn how to master the art of contractor strategy and understand how alignment of contractors across projects and TAR’s having can streamline the process boosting efficiency and helping with cost control.

• Learn why having consistency across project and Turnaround teams will benefit project, turnaround and contractor teams helping you to execute on time and budget.


Lean Project Delivery

• Foster a culture of efficiency to ensure timely project success with lean techniques.

• Maximize stakeholder value and minimize waste through collaboration.

• Ensure reliable execution through proper project planning and control.

The Importance of Pre-Project Planning

• Strategize, consider, and develop solutions to all too familiar problems…you just received a work order change.

• Appreciate the importance of a robust project plan, better allocate your time, and achieve heightened efficiency later in the project lifecycle.

Collaborative Contracting and the power of Integrated Project Design

• Develop projects resilient to disruption through early stakeholder involvement and mutually beneficial contracts which align project objectives to guarantee optimal delivery.

• Think laterally to secure reliable contractors whilst remaining within budget.

• Unlock the potential of integrated value chains and unshackle your company from the restraint of siloed business practices.

The benefits of Agility

• Face uncertainty head on whilst keeping up with high pressure project schedules

• Save time and effort by tailoring project planning to bespoke requirements, moving on from the one size fits all mindset for a more realistic, easily applied methodology.

• Strategize through unifying disparate solutions into one digestible and comprehensive methodology for ease of access and faster problem resolution

Shifting the Focus to Brownfield Project Transformation

• Understanding the importance of brownfield capital projects, why future project success is brown.

• Exploring the challenges and opportunities in Brownfield capital project execution.

• Insight into cost and schedule overruns, analyzing why Brownfield often goes wrong and how this narrative can be changed

• How to optimize brownfield projects through thoughtful FEL best practice

Deconstructing Construction 4.0

• Walk away with a thorough understand of what the term construction 4.0 means, and how the capital project space can benefit from new technology innovations and applications.

• Reap the cost and time saving benefits of digitalization and modern, smart technology capital intensive reworks and aid in more efficient project planning.

• Learn from industry experts overcoming initial construction 4.0 hurdles to capitalize on the benefits of cyber-systems, computing technologies and new offsite construction equipment


CFIHOS Discuss the Adoption of Data Standards

• Evaluate the benefits brought by data standardization: why is the industry in need o data reform?

• Learn from Owner Operator case studies of adoption and integration of the CFIHOS standards.

• Improve efficiency and reduce cost and time over runs by embedding CFIHOS into your organization in a sustainable way.

Building a Strong Data Foundation to Support Digital Success

• Unlock the power of data driven insights and challenge the siloed nature of communications to create a centralized single source of truth.

• Explore the ways in which new tech can facilitate interconnectivity and provide greater asset viability.

• Navigate your data efficiently, minimize uncertainty, reduce hand over costs and develop data conscious EPC contracts to ensure rekeying costs are kept to a minimum.


The Next Step in Tech: Producing a Roadmap to ROI

• Understand the crucial role technology will play in the future landscape of asset management from construction to maintenance.

• Look beyond initial cost outlay and understand the expected ROI of new age technology and software before implementation, calculating returns in data and asset visibility.

• Explore how technology solutions providing real time data are implemented successfully and utilized to enhance productivity on-site.

The Digitalization of Safety: AI to Avoid the ER

• Intercept incidents before they arise through automated responses and real time insights, safeguarding your employees.

• Kill two birds with one stone: how on-site tracking can optimize future performance and ensure worker safety.

• Employ comprehensive online safety training programs with confidence, ensuring safety adapts to WFH culture and avoiding work related injury.

Complete Asset Lifecycle Control with Digital Twin Technology

• Enhance communication and co-ordination by working smarter, not harder to achieve leaner project AND maintenance goals.

• Experience everything, everywhere, all at once and capitalize on tech which allows for complete asset control.

• Uncover Win-Win scenarios, increase ROI whilst producing responsibly and responding to legislation.


Dow’s Contracting Strategy

• Reduce the risk of schedule and cost overruns through insight into strategy which works to reduce long contracting disputes and align values.

• Understand how a cross-functional team working towards an enterprise-wide, global contract labor strategy is changing relationships and fostering success

Control What You Can: Principles of Purchasing & Supply Chain Leadership

• Exercise control over your professional prevent external circumstances alone from determining your path forward.

• Learn how to achieve success in purchasing and sourcing using basic principles of supply chain leadership.

• Inspire your team to both lead and deliver.

Inventory Management Optimization: Early Procurement, MRO & Supply Chain Strategy

• Lower costs, avoid workflow disruption and increase productivity by implementing an intelligent, AI-backed MRO procurement process that streamlines early procurement.

• Centralize inventory data so that you can develop a unified inventory management system that enables planning around critical equipment, quickens real-time response and avoids costly downtime.

• Internationalize procurement and source at low cost to reduce unnecessary expenditures.


Leading an Intergenerational Workforce

• Harness the power of an ageing workforce and create an environment where skills and knowledge transfer are facilitated and encouraged to close the skills gap.

• Prioritize technology literacy through comprehensive training and development programs to secure a smooth digital transformation.

• Support co-operation by including workers in a transparent company vision which clearly outlines the benefit of change, thus increasing loyalty within the workforce.

• Embrace a shift to flexible working and learning by implementing comprehensive training programs online which instill clearly defined company values and technical knowledge.

Re-inventing Recruitment: Alignment with Worker Values

• Cultivate relationships with schools across all stages of the education system to raise industry awareness and inspire a young workforce at a critical point in the industry’s history.

• Launch initiatives which encourage inclusivity to broaden the workforce and actively participate in an industry cultural shift, increasing the pool of skilled candidates and changing mindsets.

• Position your company as an attractive employer by adapting the company ethos to actively address environmental concerns and galvanizing greater public support.


Developing an Investment Agenda to Meet Long-Term ESG Goals

• Develop a long-term decarbonization roadmap to realistically get to net zero – We will discuss investments in CCUS, blue hydrogen, innovation, and renewables.

• Uncover Win-Win scenarios to increase ROI whilst collaborating with value chain for innovation and produce responsibly by responding proactively to legislation.

• Strategize to overcome industry ESG challenges to reduce carbon emissions and build a circular economy for plastic materials.

Innovative Technology That Will Lead the Way to Decarbonization

• Discover the innovative ways that assets, processes, and capabilities are being repurposed & transformed by cutting-edge technology as the industry seeks to meet the evolving pressure of ESG regulation

• Learn how technology capabilities such as automation, intelligent sensing & carbon capture systems can play a critical role in tracking & reducing Scope 1 & 2 emissions.

• Utilize digital data sets & AI analytics to better understand how equipment is operating, and what can be done to boost efficiencies & reduce fuel consumption.

Creating Wealth from Waste: Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage

• Understand the latest developments in carbon capture, utilization & storage (CCUS), and continue to plan the next steps in the roadmap towards decarbonization efforts.

• Discover how innovative new technologies have unlocked new opportunities for capture and sequestration and explore the impact this has on the roadmap.

• Create new revenue opportunities from waste CO2 by turning the gas into marketable industrial & commercial products.

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