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One of the important takeaways from the recent COP26 was that in order to get to net-zero among other significant factors, it is necessary to also focus on carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies. Current trends and future forecasts show that despite the impressive growth of renewable energy, power is and will remain the largest carbon emitter in the energy sector. Power plants remain mostly fueled by coal and gas as according to the IEA they account for almost two-thirds of power generation and this number has not significantly changed since 2000.

If countries across the world are going to reach long-term climate goals and fulfil pledges made when signing climate agreements, a larger application of carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies must be tackled and further developed. CCUS technologies would help lower emissions from currently operating power plants through retrofitting, help to increase stability and flexibility of power generation and allow to reduce the costs of energy sector decarbonization.

As this is a relatively new and growing sector with vast opportunities and promising future, the American Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Forum will provide a platform to explore the benefits and challenges of developing the available carbon capture and storage solutions. The Forum will dive into the latest technological developments, ongoing and upcoming projects as well as market forecasts of the growing carbon capture and storage project trends.

The forum will gather all relevant stakeholders from energy companies, government and research sectors as well as solution providers where experts will have an opportunity to present their perspective, share latest findings and raise important questions. Ultimately, the American CCUS Forum will contribute to laying further commercial and technological foundations for achieving global climate objectives and it’s not to be missed!


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The role of CCUS in achieving zero carbon economy

  • – How CCUS technologies can support achieving climate goals and the power transition
  • – Carbon capture, utilization and storage in the USA – capabilities, prospects and current policy framework
  • – Investment environment and opportunities to advance CCUS on larger scale
  • – Further research and development of CCUS technologies to make it more efficient and safe
  • – Future opportunities and remaining challenges for CCUS technologies and applications

CCUS Project Development

  • – Growing interest and already planned CCUS projects – time to upscale?
  • – Most efficient products and services for the entire CCUS project value chain
  • – Overcoming technological and economic barriers to develop CCUS infrastructure

CCUS Technologies and Solutions

    • – CO2 capture and separation
    • – Transportation and storage solutions
    • – Testing and materials
    • – Utilisation

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As costs and regulations increase in the Energy industry, the accuracy, accessibility, and traceability of asset data have become focal points of utmost concern. Vintri specializes in partnering with operators to ensure they have a reliable, comprehensive, and organization-wide solution to manage data integrity, proactively identify issues, and make informed decisions.

Our people, processes, and technologies enable our clients to establish a flexible and cost-effective Verified Single Source of Truth (SSoT) across their respective supply chains. A Verified SSoT mitigates risk and avoids costly material delays for all associated projects.

Vintri’s proprietary platform, vintriCORE, facilitates the consolidation and verification of asset data, and empowers organizations via data accessibility and insight. This greatly assists with asset acquisition due diligence and midstream regulatory compliance support.

Our solutions have been proven on more than 70 projects worldwide, with over 175 million asset attributes verified.

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